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How to upload TikTok video?

TikTok, formerly known as musically, is a popular app that allow its users to make videos with the music in the background. The app has taken much importance and is greatly used particularly by the teens and young adults. They found it interesting to use as they can make various expressions along the played music. Thus, the app is being used as a great pastime.

Sometimes, people find it difficult to upload a TikTok video on any other app especially if they are longer in duration. Following are the clear steps that will help you to upload a TikTok video.

  1. The first step requires you to open your phone’s camera. No need of opening the TikTok app yet. Tap the camera icon displayed on your home screen, go to the video option by swiping right, and now tap the red button to create a video. When the recording of the video is done, the red button must be tapped located at the bottom of the home screen. Ensure that the length of the video is not more than 5 minutes.
  2. Next step is to open the TikTop app. The icon consists of a black square with a white music note inside.
  3. Now tap the Add button that is at the bottom-centre part of the screen. It will take you to the recording screen.
  4. In the next step, you must tap the photo icon situated at the right of the recording button. All videos and songs saved in the phone will appear.
  5. Now tap the recently recorded video. After it’s uploaded, a message will appear that will inform you about the length of the chosen video.
  6. Keep dragging the box border till it encompasses the portion of the video you require. The border is also at the bottom of the screen. The border’s right side tells where the video has to end.
  7. Tap the button saying ‘Next’. It is displayed at the top right corner of the screen.
  8. Make editing to the video and again tap Next. In order to add some music to the video clip, tap the circular icon at the screen’s top right corner and choose a song that you think would match your video. The starting time of the music or the song can be changed by opening the scissor icon and marking the portion of the clip that you would want to start the video from. At the top right, there’s a slider icon that changes the volume of the video or the soundtrack. Special effects can also be added by tapping the clock icon at the bottom left. Open the square cover icon if you want to alter the cover visual. Color filter can be added by tapping the overlapping circles that are tri-colored.
  9. Add a caption, Buy Tiktok Hearts and set privacy by selecting ‘Who can see my video?” option.
  10. Finally, tap Post option. The video will now be uploaded.

How to find a good IVF Doctor in Poland?

Many countries are now working on the treatments of fertility. Among them, Poland has become a popular choice now. Poland is situated in the central Europe and is marginalizing few states like the Czech Republic and Germany. Poland has a population of approximately 38 million. Among them, Roman Catholics form the overwhelming majority.

Currently, there exist 39 IVF clinics in Poland according to the report of 2017. These clinics are actually a mix of both private and state facilities. An all-inclusive system of insurance is provided by the state for its population but people do have a choice of being treated privately if they have enough money to pay for it. In Poland, living expenses are relatively cheaper than in the US and UK with prices of consumption reaching 75 percent less for few things such as restaurant drinks and meals in cities like Katowice.

This along with the high standards of the medical facilities makes the country an amazing place to go for an IVF treatment.

The in vitro fertilization is one of the most popular and familiar kinds of assisted reproductive technology. It works with the help of a mixture of medicines as well as the surgical processes in order to aid the sperm fertilize an egg, and assist the fertilized egg insert in the uterus.

In all Europe, Poland has one of the highest success rates in the IVF treatment. Nearly 35 percent of the in vitro fertilization techniques are successful each cycle of the treatment. After Poland, Spain has been the most successful having the rate of 33.8 percent. Then the United Kingdom has 30.9 percent. Germany has 27.9 percent while Italy got 24.1 percent. These results are official and attained from the study of 2010, carried out by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

There are many good clinics in Poland that carry out the IVF treatment and there one can find a good doctor who does the treatment. If you are planning to get an IVF treatment from Poland, you must first take a look at the most popular clinics where this facility is being served. Then check out the IVF doctors in Poland.

Now you can have an appointment and discuss your problem with the doctor. The IVF doctors in Poland have been known to carefully carry out the treatments. Many convincing reviews have been found that are in favor of the IVF treatment in Poland and the way the procedures are carried out.

buy soundcloud followers

Why should you buy Soundcloud followers?

The numbers never lie when it comes to increase your brand exposure and stay ahead of your competitors. That’s why it becomes a hot trend to buy Soundcloud followers. However, it’s nothing new but a lot of people don’t know why should we buy followers and what are its benefits? Here, we will discuss some reasons why should you buy followers for your Soundcloud account.

Post content:

  • More activity
  • Grow Your Online Presence
  • Good Reputation
  • Be Seen by Your Follower’s Followers
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • More sales

More activity:

When you buy Soundcloud followers, you will receive more activity on your Soundcloud account means more likes and comments. There is no doubt that an account with a few hundred followers has a lower activity while an account with thousands of followers has higher activity. The more followers you get, the more your likes and comments will be on your account.

Grow Your Online Presence:

Whether you are a beginner or large account, all have in the phase of growing their online presence. It means that you are climbing up the mountain of being noticed and your online presence is more valuable. When you have a massive following, what you share and give opinion are valuable.

Good Reputation:

When you have a number of followers and become the Soundcloud famous, all you need to keep a good reputation with your fans. Reply to their comments, like their images and comment on their photos as well. Also, follow them to build a strong relationship with your fans that may benefit your brand or business. Your ultimate goal is not to buy them but to keep your followers by liking and commenting on the posts.

Be Seen by Your Follower’s Followers

Soundcloud is a social platform where creators around the world share their content with the number of people. It has become a favorite spot for people to connect with their friends and followers. When your follower like your photos, their followers can see your post on their page under the following tab or under the search section.

Increased Website Traffic:

People from every industry with a huge following base on Soundcloud can drive their website traffic through Soundcloud. Like other social platforms, Soundcloud let you add the link of your website in your profile bio. This link is used for market your product or brand as well. If you are an artist, photographer or musician, you can share your latest project with your fans here. Also, include the call to action in the description of your profile bio that in turns increase your website traffic and improve the overall ranking of your site in search engine.

More Sales:

Buying Soundcloud followers drive more website traffic. Also, it helps you to generate more sales. An e-commerce Soundcloud account with a number of followers means more money in your wallet. Who doesn’t love money in their pocket? However, it is often overlooked by most of the people but it gives you more followers, drives more traffic, generates more sales and makes more money.

The Hidden Facts About Sletrokor You Did Not Know in 2019

Is SLETROKOR it really healthy?

Obesity has been a rising issue since the past decades, many methods have been tried to overcome obesity including doctors’ recommended diet pills for specific patients who are on the verge. Sletrokor is one of these diet pills which is manufactured by the California based company known as 18Nutrition Inc. It claims to help reduce weight and unsightly body fat by stimulating the patients’ metabolism. Sletrokor also claims to improve energy levels, improve body functions such as the immune and digestive system.

It reduces the levels of unhealthy cholesterol and blood pressure and helps the consumer feel positive, suppresses appetite throughout the journey of weight loss by stimulating serotonin chemical. But is it actually as healthy as it poses to be? A review was conducted to answer this question.

How does Sletrokor work?

According to the in-depth review conducted it was found that Sletrokor works by suppressing hunger and making the client bound to eat less than usual. The appetite is controlled this way. By eating less with a fast metabolism used to of breaking down more food, the body begins to make use of the stored is made use of, which is mostly stored fat. The 100% natural ingredients added in the correct proportions are able to help the pill to be able to do all this and reduce the body’s fat content. Customers and users of the pill have given remarkable reviews about it when they were asked.

The positive side of Sletrokor

Sletrokor has gained much respect and popularity since it has been launched, it is continuously being recommended by its users because of Sletrokor’s efficacy.  The manufacturers have even used vinegar to suppress the bitterness of its other helpful ingredients. The company embarks upon the idea of gaining the users’ trust by implementing a 30 days money back guarantee. The ingredients used to ensure a 100% all natural ones used and is free of additives. It even improves feelings throughout the weight loss journey by reducing cortisol levels and stimulating serotonin. Sletrokor is a self-sufficient pill that can reduce weight without an exercise routine as well. It is more affordable compared to high priced diet pills which may not even be able to produce such levels of positive effects. Based on its customer reviews, Sletrokor is indeed the best diet pill that they have ever been on.

The negative side of Sletrokor

The only downfall to the supplement appears to be the fact it contains shell-fish derivatives and can be harmful to people who are allergic to shell-fish and seafood in a whole. Another of the negative points of Sletrokor is that it is not readily available, but only online in the USA as well.


Sletrokor has been labeled as the best diet pill of 2018. Superb customer reviews heavily support the effectiveness of this supplement. Yet the only thing that is able to win this argument is the fact that it is FDA approved and is completely safe for consumption due to its all-natural ingredients and possible allergens have been mentioned on the product.





news writing tips

6 tips for writing a news journal

News journals are a great source for daily updates of the world. It covers almost every aspect of news and other informative topics. Mostly, world events and political affairs are discussed in news journals. A newspaper may help you improve your vocabulary and grammar. Moreover, when you are good at grammar and vocabulary, your writing skills improve too. Reading a news journal will enhance your general knowledge for sure. It has been noticed that people who read news journals everyday are most likely to have great general knowledge than people who don’t.

1.Know your audience

A news journal can be local, regional, national or even international. So for that purpose, you should know who your audience is, and then write accordingly. You should know the art of writing in a way that your audience is appealed.

2.Do research before you start writing

News Editors at grasslandtimes spend more time in research than writing.When you have a topic to write but zero knowledge about it, it becomes really hard to do justice with it. So before you start writing about it, surf it on the internet first, or read about it somewhere. Ask yourself questions about the topic like, who was involved in the incident? What exactly happened at the spot? What caused it? When did it take place?

3.Add up your facts

As soon as you have come up with the above answers, the next step is to combine them into a nice read. Separate them into three categories, one with all the points you want to insert in the news journal, those that are good but not that important, and those that are relevant but not that vital for the news journal. This will help you eliminate the lame content behind and leave you with strong and appealing content. Being specific is always the key.

4.Make an outline

Make the structure of your journal appealing to the eye. By this I actually mean that you should make sure the reader does not have to go through a lot of unnecessary paragraphs before the true content starts. Most readers aren’t fond of making it to the end of the news article, which is why you need to come to the point as soon as possible or you are just annoying the reader.

5.Interview people

When you are writing a news article you are required to have knowledge of the incident that took place. Interviewing nearby people or witnessers can help you have a closer look at the event. Interviewing unknown people may seem a bit awkward but at the same time you are making good content to be featured. People usually love to be interviewed, so that may not be an issue. Reach people who were present at the event through an email or a phone prior to your interview. But there are alway rules to follow. In this case you need to know the rules of interviewing people. First of all you need to describe yourself as a reporter, secondly, you need to be focused and lastly know how to ask questions properly.

WhatsApp Celebrating Its Tenth Anniversary By Creating More Features To Support The Business Side

WhatsApp Celebrating Its Tenth Anniversary By Creating More Features To Support The Business Side

Introduction :

WhatsApp is celebrating its tenth anniversary by focusing on its more business aspect. As this social messaging platform is not widely used in the west countries but it has a huge market in other parts of the world like majority of countries in Asia are using WhatsApp as their main messaging app. The platform has now up to 1.5 billion users which makes it a huge market for it. It has also surpassed the Messenger app which is also owned by Facebook and WeChat which is a copy of this messaging app for China.

Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary :

The messaging app is working on to make it design more easy to use for the people. It is also focusing on the privacy matter too because nowadays it is highly important to keep it up to date as its parent company Facebook is still facing a lot challenges in order to tackle the privacy and security issues with their platform. Along with this WhatsApp is highly invested into the business features of the platform. There are some new features which the platform has launched to support the business side of the app.

The Business App :

WhatsApp has launched some tools which will help the business users to optimize their interactions with the customers in an effective manner. There are now more opportunities being introduced by the messaging app for the business users. It has also introduced the ads market into the stories features as it has done a great job in the Instagram platform.

Instagram platform & Whatsapp

The app has to come up with a good move to incorporate the ads into the people’s messaging portion. This is why the platform is now working on different ways they can introduce the business side seamlessly into it. These new features will be able to monetize on the users’ features which are for now more aligned for the normal use. Facebook is going to spread its revenue generating cause in all of its child companies because it knows the benefit of using the massive audience to gain more revenue.

Normal Use :

WhatsApp at first came up with only few features but now it has been improving the features overall like there is now Simple and reliable messaging, creating groups to keep in touch, using audio messaging, keep the conversation going feature, sharing posts and pictures in real time, secure app, sharing any type of document and you share audio notes about whatever you want to.

Conclusion :

WhatsApp has to take its step cautiously because of on going cases of Facebook. It has to keep the trust of the users and at the same time make the brands happy too. Time will tell how the platform is going to make its next move. It can be slowly in a long period of time without attracting that much attention so that people can easily adapt the features or it can choose other ways.

Buy TikTok Fans

Fast ways to upload video on Tiktok

It’s the 21st century, where technology has the leading role. Which is now the basic need of every person. Technology make it possible to stay in contact with another person, whether he/she is in or out of the country, by the use of phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, viber etc. On the other hand it also helps people to show there abilities, like singing, dancing, game tricks, about food etc. to the world. Which is now in the hand of every person who is using the smart phone in the shape of Tiktok.


  1. What is Tiktok
  2. Fastest source of uploading video
  3. Tiktok let your phone become your mobile studio
  4. Privacy of videos
  5. Steps to fast upload video
  6. Conclusion

What is Tiktok:

Tiktok is an app, which is used to upload videos of any type whether, it show one’s skill or having some random clips or something else but provided that it must be in ethical limits, cause Tiktok community take strong action against such acts. Whenever someone upload a video on Tiktok within few seconds it spreads all over the Tiktok users in the world.

Fastest source of uploading videos: Tiktok which quickly became a popular app in the world of creating and sharing videos Tiktok became very famous among the youth because there are variety of trends within Tiktok including memes lip synced songs and comedies. tiktok is the fastest way to upload video.

Tiktok let your phone become your mobile studio: the app including eye catching easy to use special effect so everyone can make fun and entertaining videos easily through the combination of artificial intelligent and image capturing technology, video creation is amplified and performance are enhanced Tiktok special effect include shaking and shivering with hip hop.

Privacy of videos:

The app allow users to set their account private. Such private contents remain visible to Tiktok but are hide from users who the account holder has not authorized to view their contents

Steps to fast upload video

Here are the some steps that will lead you to how to upload a video on Tiktok and Buy Tiktok Fans.

  1. Opening tik tok app: click on plus button in the bottom line.
  2. Selecting video: A video or make a video of yourself and click the tick mark.
  3. Adding effects: if you want to add some effects or want to have beauty filters or some more editing you can in this step.
  4. Adding description: Its the final step where you can add some description about your video. There are also have some other option down there of uploading the same video on Instagram, twitter etc more conveniently.
  5. Ready to upload: After making all the settings you are now ready to upload your video and enjoy the people’s comments and their reactions.


In short Tiktok is one of the fast and easy way of video to be viral. Users get famous in very short time of period with the help of Tiktok. They become celebrity and as well as they earn money.

social media

How to be good at social media engagement?

The social media marketing is a key aspect of online marketing. It is a great way to help your business or profile grow. There are numerous things about how to be good at it. However, recent studies and expert opinions suggest that it is all about social media engagement than about sharing lots of content. Why it is so important and how to be good at it? Let’s take a look.

Simple broadcasting

Taking a look at the last few years’ work, the organic reach for facebook posts has dropped drastically. Even so much that people are now questioning about the viability of organic posting. Buzzsumo managed to analyze around 880 million posts back in 2017 and they discovered that there is a huge decline in engagement rate. So, it encourages brands to use advertising to reach more people. Also, in 2018, the change in Facebook’s ranking algorithm for news feed was a clear indication that if you are to be at the top then you need to produce something meaningful and engaging.

Response to queries on social media

According to the survey, individuals expect brands to answer to their queries asked on social platforms as quickly as possible. In 2013, a study revealed that 67% of people contact businesses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for client support and it has surely faced a rise with the passage of time. In fact, social media is the top choice of individuals for customer care as 34.5% of individuals who have queries use these platforms for help. To get more response gain more, purchase followers on Instagram.

Winning loyalty

Social media engagement will help you in winning the loyalty of customers. If they are into your posts, they are likely to reach out and thank you. Moreover, it helps in generating word of mouth and can be a serious boost for your business.

Learn and grow

You get to interact with the clients and you learn about their view. They provide a perspective about a particular product or service and based on their review you can grow by improving and striking the stuff that is popular.

Overcoming social media engagement challenges

There are people that face troubles with engaging individuals and seek solution to their problems. Here are certain things that you must look forward to.

Engage in conversations

Go with the mentions and engage with all relevant conversations as much as possible. Filter out the irrelevant chat and pay attention to what can potentially benefit you. Chat, comment, reply, and do whatever possible to attach to the audience.

Stay consistent and authentic

Don’t mold yourself too much and always keep the unique element of your brand clear and visible. Be authentic and stay consistent with your posts. It can be a scary thing to do because there are several things that whether people will like it or not and what else? Well, whatever the case will be you are going to get a feedback and that is engagement. Be clear with the voice and tone and try to stay friendly and cooperative.

Measure engagement impact

Take a look at the social media posts and engagement. Use analytics and tools and measure your progress. Just engaging people will not be enough for you until you are making a progress and having more sales and higher client base.


buy real instagram followers

Best 10 tips to sale your products via internet

The internet has turned this world into a global village by creating a unified global culture. Internet surfing is a fashion these days and online shopping is an evolving aspect of this trend. Apart from the conventional method, people prefer buying things online these days.

It is convenient as you find more variety at one place instead of roaming around and visiting store to store.

Moreover, the things they order are delivered to their doorstep and what could be any better? These perks attract the attention of the buyers and thus they prefer shopping via internet.

Following tips will  help you run your business in the best possible way and will bring a massive increase in your sales through the internet:

  • Build your online presence by offering few or one product on your website: If you sell products online you must first build your presence by offering fewer products with larger descriptions. Focus your specialty rather pleasing every Tom Dick and Harry who visits your website. This exclusive focus on only your special products will result in high sales as the buyers find the best quality product in one place. This focus on quality rather quantity will definitely work wonders for your sale.
  • Design Pop-up advertisements of your special products and offers: You are all aware of the pop-up advertisements. It is actually a small add that pops-up while someone visits your site. This can be a source of promotion of your product. It will give small but comprehensive information about your product and offers thus increasing your sales.
  • Headline all the beneficial features of your product: Create headlines of all the features and aspects of your products. Highlight the advantages for your product so that it may not be missed by any eye. These headlines greatly affect your sales.It grabs the attention of your buyer because its the first thing they see when they visit your website.
  • Tell that your product is the solution to the buyer’s problem: Establish a problem and then give its solution in the form of your product. This will seek the attention of the buyer and he will know that the only solution to his problem is your product which will ultimately result in increased sales.
  • Credibility: Credibility is what is the most important element required to increase your sales. Add credibility to your products and gain the trust of your customer. Positive feedback and faith of your customer are what ascend your product sale.
  • Add images & videos of your products: This is the golden rule that you definitely want to follow in order to increase your sales. Add pictures of your products to your website and it will help clear the buyer’s mind regarding your copy. We all know colorful pictures and videos are what attracts people the most. You can download instagram videos from different profiles as well.
  • Highlight the key messages and best parts of your offers: Highlighting the best part of your offer or writing it in the form of banners or italics is what grabs the attention of the buyer. This saves their time and they get to decide their best choice in lesser time which creates a positive impression. If you buy real instagram followers then it indirectly affects positively the sale rate.
  • Autoresponders: Auto Responders can affect your sales in a massive manner as auto responding emails get you contacts even before the client buys the product. It also helps in giving information about the product in a comprehensive manner to the customer which increases the sale.
  • Create a catalog: A colorful catalog will attract the buyer’s attention. It will help the buyer look for his needs without much surfing and scrolling. This will also make shopping easier and convenient for the customer.
  • Anticipate the buyer’s motivation: You must be able to answer the questions of the buyer but more importantly you must anticipate those questions. Answer these questions already in the description of the product. This will create a positive impact on the buyer and will thus increase his interest in buying the product.

The functions and structure of non governmental organization

Non governmental organizations (Ibn Battuta Associationare working rampant in different sectors of the state. From the education to the health sector, NGOs are playing their role in a very effective way. They have become an important part of the state. Their significance cannot be undermined. NGOs have also been working at a global arena in order to pursue the objective of welfare of human society. These NGOs are working in a very effective and efficient way to curb the basic issues of the society. It is, therefore, imperative to understand the goals, objectives, and structure of different kinds of NGOs working for the different purpose.

The goals and objectives of NGOs:

They are the supportive organizations more like any charity organization the basic aim of NGOs is to serve the people of a society and to work for the welfare of the people. NGOs also assist the government in public administration in the welfare projects. They help the government in the timely completion of mega projects.

Functions of NGOs:

The main function of NGOs is to take such measures and initiatives that are good for different causes and for the prosperity of the people. Other functions include the managerial functions like auditing and accountability functions. NGOs also perform several administrative functions. NGOs also keep a check on the tax reforms and on the practices of the several donors. The functions performed by the NGOs depend largely on the rules of the state pertaining to the NGOs. These rules give the authorities or sometimes confined the authorities. The government is the sole head to dictate the regulations of the state and then on the NGOs. NGOs are limited in their scope because of this governmental constraints.

Formation and structure of the NGOs:

The structure of the NGOs depends largely on the recruitment of the members of the NGOs. These members are called as the members of a specific NGOs and sometimes as the member of the trust or also called as the associate members. Formation of NGOs again depends on the certain acts and laws passed by the parliament or the relevant house of the state in which the NGO has to work. As the NGO is the nonprofit organization so the only cause behind its formation is to serve the people and to work for the welfare of the state without expecting any profit or any material gain in return.

In which forms NGOs work?

These NGOs work in the form of trade unions, welfare hospitals and schools, several charitable entities, multiple support groups and in the form of religious groups as well. They work for the several domains like for employment, disability and for many health related sectors. The nonprofit organizations also often seen working for the promotion of sports of a state or of a local society. Many research institutions also collaborate with different NGOs for carrying out various research related work in order to serve the society and to work for the development of the society.

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