Introduction :

WhatsApp is celebrating its tenth anniversary by focusing on its more business aspect. As this social messaging platform is not widely used in the west countries but it has a huge market in other parts of the world like majority of countries in Asia are using WhatsApp as their main messaging app. The platform has now up to 1.5 billion users which makes it a huge market for it. It has also surpassed the Messenger app which is also owned by Facebook and WeChat which is a copy of this messaging app for China.

Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary :

The messaging app is working on to make it design more easy to use for the people. It is also focusing on the privacy matter too because nowadays it is highly important to keep it up to date as its parent company Facebook is still facing a lot challenges in order to tackle the privacy and security issues with their platform. Along with this WhatsApp is highly invested into the business features of the platform. There are some new features which the platform has launched to support the business side of the app.

The Business App :

WhatsApp has launched some tools which will help the business users to optimize their interactions with the customers in an effective manner. There are now more opportunities being introduced by the messaging app for the business users. It has also introduced the ads market into the stories features as it has done a great job in the Instagram platform.

Instagram platform & Whatsapp

The app has to come up with a good move to incorporate the ads into the people’s messaging portion. This is why the platform is now working on different ways they can introduce the business side seamlessly into it. These new features will be able to monetize on the users’ features which are for now more aligned for the normal use. Facebook is going to spread its revenue generating cause in all of its child companies because it knows the benefit of using the massive audience to gain more revenue.

Normal Use :

WhatsApp at first came up with only few features but now it has been improving the features overall like there is now Simple and reliable messaging, creating groups to keep in touch, using audio messaging, keep the conversation going feature, sharing posts and pictures in real time, secure app, sharing any type of document and you share audio notes about whatever you want to.

Conclusion :

WhatsApp has to take its step cautiously because of on going cases of Facebook. It has to keep the trust of the users and at the same time make the brands happy too. Time will tell how the platform is going to make its next move. It can be slowly in a long period of time without attracting that much attention so that people can easily adapt the features or it can choose other ways.