As we know, everyone used Spotify nowadays. Spotify is the digital media service it was launched in 2007 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentson. Their main focus was to provide a platform for audio streaming music record labels to media companies.

By having Spotify, you can access around 30 million music tracks a user can search by artist name genre it allows users to create or edit playlist. After using Spotify, my own recently Spotify introduces Spotify duo plan for couples before users have two methods to choose from were single or family plan. They have Spotify in India as well as offering user daily weekly yearly subscription for family demands.

Great news Spotify offer duo plan for couples now but only available in five countries currently it’s way cheaper than the family and premium plan you know it’s better to pay for one, and two people can enjoy at the price of one.

Spotify Premium Duo is Ideal for Couples

As Spotify premium duo currently been testing in five countries, you can avail the subscription around 14$ a month. It’s perfect for family friends, even roomies.

However, Spotify has one condition that both subscribers need to provide the same address if you choose to subscribe.

Currently, Spotify users in Ireland, Colombia, Chile, Poland, and Denmark can sign up and use the Spotify Duo. People are still waiting for when Spotify duo will launch in other countries the company still needs to confirm when it will extend its reach to other nations.

Benefits of Spotify Duo

Two people can use on the same.

Can download the music

Access millions of music tracks of different artists

The listener can listen to music offline.


How much it costs to use Spotify Duo?

It’s around 14$ a month.

Do you have to use the same address?

Yes, you have to use the same address.

Can you use the Spotify duo without internet access?

Of course, you can, but only if you download your playlist.

In Which countries, Spotify Duo available?

At the moment it’s available only in five countries Ireland, Columbia, Chile, Poland, and Denmark.

How to set up the Spotify duo?

It’s very straight forward to set up Spotify Duo follow the instruction provided by Spotify customer support.

Do Spotify Duo available on Android and IOS?

Yes, Spotify Duo supports Android and IOS.

When will the Spotify Duo feature be available in Spain?

So far, no information available yet makes sure check Spotify official website.

Is Music Free on Spotify Duo?

No, it’s not free you need to get a subscription.

Can I share my Spotify Duo playlist with, my friend?

Yes, you can share your Spotify Duo playlist with your friend.

Do You Need Spotify Duo?

After reading my article, I hope you got the information you need to know about Spotify Duo so far it still in the testing process Spotify waiting for how it’s doing in the five countries. So, in my opinion, we should try it because it has exciting features.