It’s the 21st century, where technology has the leading role. Which is now the basic need of every person. Technology make it possible to stay in contact with another person, whether he/she is in or out of the country, by the use of phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, viber etc. On the other hand it also helps people to show there abilities, like singing, dancing, game tricks, about food etc. to the world. Which is now in the hand of every person who is using the smart phone in the shape of Tiktok.


  1. What is Tiktok
  2. Fastest source of uploading video
  3. Tiktok let your phone become your mobile studio
  4. Privacy of videos
  5. Steps to fast upload video
  6. Conclusion

What is Tiktok:

Tiktok is an app, which is used to upload videos of any type whether, it show one’s skill or having some random clips or something else but provided that it must be in ethical limits, cause Tiktok community take strong action against such acts. Whenever someone upload a video on Tiktok within few seconds it spreads all over the Tiktok users in the world.

Fastest source of uploading videos: Tiktok which quickly became a popular app in the world of creating and sharing videos Tiktok became very famous among the youth because there are variety of trends within Tiktok including memes lip synced songs and comedies. tiktok is the fastest way to upload video.

Tiktok let your phone become your mobile studio: the app including eye catching easy to use special effect so everyone can make fun and entertaining videos easily through the combination of artificial intelligent and image capturing technology, video creation is amplified and performance are enhanced Tiktok special effect include shaking and shivering with hip hop.

Privacy of videos:

The app allow users to set their account private. Such private contents remain visible to Tiktok but are hide from users who the account holder has not authorized to view their contents

Steps to fast upload video

Here are the some steps that will lead you to how to upload a video on Tiktok and Buy Tiktok Fans.

  1. Opening tik tok app: click on plus button in the bottom line.
  2. Selecting video: A video or make a video of yourself and click the tick mark.
  3. Adding effects: if you want to add some effects or want to have beauty filters or some more editing you can in this step.
  4. Adding description: Its the final step where you can add some description about your video. There are also have some other option down there of uploading the same video on Instagram, twitter etc more conveniently.
  5. Ready to upload: After making all the settings you are now ready to upload your video and enjoy the people’s comments and their reactions.


In short Tiktok is one of the fast and easy way of video to be viral. Users get famous in very short time of period with the help of Tiktok. They become celebrity and as well as they earn money.