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Things You Must Know About Spotify Duo Plan

As we know, everyone used Spotify nowadays. Spotify is the digital media service it was launched in 2007 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentson. Their main focus was to provide a platform for audio streaming music record labels to media companies.

By having Spotify, you can access around 30 million music tracks a user can search by artist name genre it allows users to create or edit playlist. After using Spotify, my own recently Spotify introduces Spotify duo plan for couples before users have two methods to choose from were single or family plan. They have Spotify in India as well as offering user daily weekly yearly subscription for family demands.

Great news Spotify offer duo plan for couples now but only available in five countries currently it’s way cheaper than the family and premium plan you know it’s better to pay for one, and two people can enjoy at the price of one.

Spotify Premium Duo is Ideal for Couples

As Spotify premium duo currently been testing in five countries, you can avail the subscription around 14$ a month. It’s perfect for family friends, even roomies.

However, Spotify has one condition that both subscribers need to provide the same address if you choose to subscribe.

Currently, Spotify users in Ireland, Colombia, Chile, Poland, and Denmark can sign up and use the Spotify Duo. People are still waiting for when Spotify duo will launch in other countries the company still needs to confirm when it will extend its reach to other nations.

Benefits of Spotify Duo

Two people can use on the same.

Can download the music

Access millions of music tracks of different artists

The listener can listen to music offline.


How much it costs to use Spotify Duo?

It’s around 14$ a month.

Do you have to use the same address?

Yes, you have to use the same address.

Can you use the Spotify duo without internet access?

Of course, you can, but only if you download your playlist.

In Which countries, Spotify Duo available?

At the moment it’s available only in five countries Ireland, Columbia, Chile, Poland, and Denmark.

How to set up the Spotify duo?

It’s very straight forward to set up Spotify Duo follow the instruction provided by Spotify customer support.

Do Spotify Duo available on Android and IOS?

Yes, Spotify Duo supports Android and IOS.

When will the Spotify Duo feature be available in Spain?

So far, no information available yet makes sure check Spotify official website.

Is Music Free on Spotify Duo?

No, it’s not free you need to get a subscription.

Can I share my Spotify Duo playlist with, my friend?

Yes, you can share your Spotify Duo playlist with your friend.

Do You Need Spotify Duo?

After reading my article, I hope you got the information you need to know about Spotify Duo so far it still in the testing process Spotify waiting for how it’s doing in the five countries. So, in my opinion, we should try it because it has exciting features.

How to find a good IVF Doctor in Poland?

Many countries are now working on the treatments of fertility. Among them, Poland has become a popular choice now. Poland is situated in the central Europe and is marginalizing few states like the Czech Republic and Germany. Poland has a population of approximately 38 million. Among them, Roman Catholics form the overwhelming majority.

Currently, there exist 39 IVF clinics in Poland according to the report of 2017. These clinics are actually a mix of both private and state facilities. An all-inclusive system of insurance is provided by the state for its population but people do have a choice of being treated privately if they have enough money to pay for it. In Poland, living expenses are relatively cheaper than in the US and UK with prices of consumption reaching 75 percent less for few things such as restaurant drinks and meals in cities like Katowice.

This along with the high standards of the medical facilities makes the country an amazing place to go for an IVF treatment.

The in vitro fertilization is one of the most popular and familiar kinds of assisted reproductive technology. It works with the help of a mixture of medicines as well as the surgical processes in order to aid the sperm fertilize an egg, and assist the fertilized egg insert in the uterus.

In all Europe, Poland has one of the highest success rates in the IVF treatment. Nearly 35 percent of the in vitro fertilization techniques are successful each cycle of the treatment. After Poland, Spain has been the most successful having the rate of 33.8 percent. Then the United Kingdom has 30.9 percent. Germany has 27.9 percent while Italy got 24.1 percent. These results are official and attained from the study of 2010, carried out by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

There are many good clinics in Poland that carry out the IVF treatment and there one can find a good doctor who does the treatment. If you are planning to get an IVF treatment from Poland, you must first take a look at the most popular clinics where this facility is being served. Then check out the IVF doctors in Poland.

Now you can have an appointment and discuss your problem with the doctor. The IVF doctors in Poland have been known to carefully carry out the treatments. Many convincing reviews have been found that are in favor of the IVF treatment in Poland and the way the procedures are carried out.

news writing tips

6 tips for writing a news journal

News journals are a great source for daily updates of the world. It covers almost every aspect of news and other informative topics. Mostly, world events and political affairs are discussed in news journals. A newspaper may help you improve your vocabulary and grammar. Moreover, when you are good at grammar and vocabulary, your writing skills improve too. Reading a news journal will enhance your general knowledge for sure. It has been noticed that people who read news journals everyday are most likely to have great general knowledge than people who don’t.

1.Know your audience

A news journal can be local, regional, national or even international. So for that purpose, you should know who your audience is, and then write accordingly. You should know the art of writing in a way that your audience is appealed.

2.Do research before you start writing

News Editors at grasslandtimes spend more time in research than writing.When you have a topic to write but zero knowledge about it, it becomes really hard to do justice with it. So before you start writing about it, surf it on the internet first, or read about it somewhere. Ask yourself questions about the topic like, who was involved in the incident? What exactly happened at the spot? What caused it? When did it take place?

3.Add up your facts

As soon as you have come up with the above answers, the next step is to combine them into a nice read. Separate them into three categories, one with all the points you want to insert in the news journal, those that are good but not that important, and those that are relevant but not that vital for the news journal. This will help you eliminate the lame content behind and leave you with strong and appealing content. Being specific is always the key.

4.Make an outline

Make the structure of your journal appealing to the eye. By this I actually mean that you should make sure the reader does not have to go through a lot of unnecessary paragraphs before the true content starts. Most readers aren’t fond of making it to the end of the news article, which is why you need to come to the point as soon as possible or you are just annoying the reader.

5.Interview people

When you are writing a news article you are required to have knowledge of the incident that took place. Interviewing nearby people or witnessers can help you have a closer look at the event. Interviewing unknown people may seem a bit awkward but at the same time you are making good content to be featured. People usually love to be interviewed, so that may not be an issue. Reach people who were present at the event through an email or a phone prior to your interview. But there are alway rules to follow. In this case you need to know the rules of interviewing people. First of all you need to describe yourself as a reporter, secondly, you need to be focused and lastly know how to ask questions properly.

WhatsApp Celebrating Its Tenth Anniversary By Creating More Features To Support The Business Side

WhatsApp Celebrating Its Tenth Anniversary By Creating More Features To Support The Business Side

Introduction :

WhatsApp is celebrating its tenth anniversary by focusing on its more business aspect. As this social messaging platform is not widely used in the west countries but it has a huge market in other parts of the world like majority of countries in Asia are using WhatsApp as their main messaging app. The platform has now up to 1.5 billion users which makes it a huge market for it. It has also surpassed the Messenger app which is also owned by Facebook and WeChat which is a copy of this messaging app for China.

Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary :

The messaging app is working on to make it design more easy to use for the people. It is also focusing on the privacy matter too because nowadays it is highly important to keep it up to date as its parent company Facebook is still facing a lot challenges in order to tackle the privacy and security issues with their platform. Along with this WhatsApp is highly invested into the business features of the platform. There are some new features which the platform has launched to support the business side of the app.

The Business App :

WhatsApp has launched some tools which will help the business users to optimize their interactions with the customers in an effective manner. There are now more opportunities being introduced by the messaging app for the business users. It has also introduced the ads market into the stories features as it has done a great job in the Instagram platform.

Instagram platform & Whatsapp

The app has to come up with a good move to incorporate the ads into the people’s messaging portion. This is why the platform is now working on different ways they can introduce the business side seamlessly into it. These new features will be able to monetize on the users’ features which are for now more aligned for the normal use. Facebook is going to spread its revenue generating cause in all of its child companies because it knows the benefit of using the massive audience to gain more revenue.

Normal Use :

WhatsApp at first came up with only few features but now it has been improving the features overall like there is now Simple and reliable messaging, creating groups to keep in touch, using audio messaging, keep the conversation going feature, sharing posts and pictures in real time, secure app, sharing any type of document and you share audio notes about whatever you want to.

Conclusion :

WhatsApp has to take its step cautiously because of on going cases of Facebook. It has to keep the trust of the users and at the same time make the brands happy too. Time will tell how the platform is going to make its next move. It can be slowly in a long period of time without attracting that much attention so that people can easily adapt the features or it can choose other ways.

social media

How to be good at social media engagement?

The social media marketing is a key aspect of online marketing. It is a great way to help your business or profile grow. There are numerous things about how to be good at it. However, recent studies and expert opinions suggest that it is all about social media engagement than about sharing lots of content. Why it is so important and how to be good at it? Let’s take a look.

Simple broadcasting

Taking a look at the last few years’ work, the organic reach for facebook posts has dropped drastically. Even so much that people are now questioning about the viability of organic posting. Buzzsumo managed to analyze around 880 million posts back in 2017 and they discovered that there is a huge decline in engagement rate. So, it encourages brands to use advertising to reach more people. Also, in 2018, the change in Facebook’s ranking algorithm for news feed was a clear indication that if you are to be at the top then you need to produce something meaningful and engaging.

Response to queries on social media

According to the survey, individuals expect brands to answer to their queries asked on social platforms as quickly as possible. In 2013, a study revealed that 67% of people contact businesses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for client support and it has surely faced a rise with the passage of time. In fact, social media is the top choice of individuals for customer care as 34.5% of individuals who have queries use these platforms for help. To get more response gain more, purchase followers on Instagram.

Winning loyalty

Social media engagement will help you in winning the loyalty of customers. If they are into your posts, they are likely to reach out and thank you. Moreover, it helps in generating word of mouth and can be a serious boost for your business.

Learn and grow

You get to interact with the clients and you learn about their view. They provide a perspective about a particular product or service and based on their review you can grow by improving and striking the stuff that is popular.

Overcoming social media engagement challenges

There are people that face troubles with engaging individuals and seek solution to their problems. Here are certain things that you must look forward to.

Engage in conversations

Go with the mentions and engage with all relevant conversations as much as possible. Filter out the irrelevant chat and pay attention to what can potentially benefit you. Chat, comment, reply, and do whatever possible to attach to the audience.

Stay consistent and authentic

Don’t mold yourself too much and always keep the unique element of your brand clear and visible. Be authentic and stay consistent with your posts. It can be a scary thing to do because there are several things that whether people will like it or not and what else? Well, whatever the case will be you are going to get a feedback and that is engagement. Be clear with the voice and tone and try to stay friendly and cooperative.

Measure engagement impact

Take a look at the social media posts and engagement. Use analytics and tools and measure your progress. Just engaging people will not be enough for you until you are making a progress and having more sales and higher client base.


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