History remembers those in golden words who have splendid destinations. Who have some extraordinary goals and extraordinary struggle to achieve them? If we go through with the history of adventurous journeys the first name that will storm in our mind is IBN BATTUTA. His full name is Muhammad Ibn Battuta. He was a Moroccan traveler and scholar. Extensively he got his recognition as a tremendous sightseer.  Ibn e Battuta gave more than 30 years of his life in traveling different parts of the world including the Muslim States and the Non-Muslim States. He visited Northern Africa, Western Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, India and Central Asia.

Early Life:

According to an autobiography, IBN BATTUTA born in the family of Islamic Scholars in Tangier, Morocco on 25 February 1304 when the Marinid Dynasty was dominant. In his early life, he studied Sunni Jurisprudence School of Islam which was common in practice in North Africa. He was requested many times by Malikis to serve as their judge.

Voyage of Battuta:

IBN BATTUTA performed his first Hajj in June 1325 which took him 16 months to reach Makkah. While going to Makkah he passed through North African Coast and Tunis. He got married for the first time in the town of Sfax. He reached Alexandria in 1326. He met many persons including pious personalities of Alexandria including Sheikh Burhanuddin. He moved to Cairo after visiting many places in the area. Among three basic routes to Makkah, IBN BATTUTA chose least traveled i.e Nile Valley. When he reached the town of Adhyab, he was forced to move back by the rebellion forces.
When IBN BATTUTA entered Somalia, its capital Mogadishu was at the peak of its prosperity. In 133, he reached Swahili Coast. After the journey along with the Coast, IBN BATTUTA traveled to Tanzania which was the significant territory of the gold trade. He termed the city as “One of the most beautiful and finest city”.

After performing third Hajj to Makkah, IBN BATTUTA decided to seek for employment.1332, he went to Anatolia with intentions to visiting India. While in Bulghar, he wanted to travel further to northern Siberia. During the Rajput Kingdom, IBN BATTUTA traveled to Hansi in India. He considered Hansi as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. IBN BATTUTA was designated in Embassy and then enrooted to the coast. Battuta was the best explorer this world ever had.